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Document Management System

The automated Document Management System is intended to serve every organisation that has more than one computer system working towards organisation's interests. This system enables the companies to effectively manage their documents, created and updated by different people throughout the organisation, through a single common platform that is user friendly, and at the same time, secured.

This browser-based system provides user management rights to the administrator of the system, and allows the users to freely and seamlessly share their documents, interact through the message board and send e-mails. The facilities in the system can be grouped into two parts, one, that to the system administrator, and the other to the users in the system.

Main Highlights

» Web-based Application, using secured SQL server database
» Seamless exchange of documents
» Personal arena to each individual user in the network
» Security to each section
» Full authority to the administrator to check the system usage
» Embedded e-mail and document sharing features
» Complete security to documents ensuring that only intended members access the shared documents and messages

Distinguished Features

The users of the system in the network have the following features to access and utuilise.

Unique user ID and password to each user ensures adequate security. A login interface opens into a customized user's arena

This is a section, which shows up after login, and displays the documents shared by others for this user. These documents can be opened, downloaded, saved to a personal online folder, or sent through e-mail as attachments. This section also allows user to compose new e-mails to any recipient in the group.

Message Area
View a list of the messages posted by others for you, or post a new message directed to a selected user, or all in the group.

View your profile as seen by others, and edit it to your satisfaction.

Documents (Manage)
View your profile as seen by others, and edit it to your satisfaction.

Systematically designed section shows you a listing of all folders in your root directory with their particulars like size, modification details, owner, etc.
Add/Edit/Delete/Rename folders by simple clicks of buttons to your satisfaction, and click on the folder icons to view files/folders within these folders.
You can create folders within folders, and place any file in any folder. All such files can be set to be viewed by desired people in the group. This can later be amended as well.
Online library allows you to upload your files at the online location specified for you by the administrator, and anybody who an intended viewer can download it. Salient features include :

Uploading of files
Downloading of files
Searching of files
Sending files as mail attachments
Downloading of files
Delete/modify/rename files
Copy/move files

Documents (Search)
Systematically designed section shows you a listing of all folders in your root directory with their particulars like size, modification details, owner, etc.

This section provides you with all the features of an comprehensive digital assistant. Manage your contacts, view a list of them, add new ones, edit or delete existing ones, or send e-mails to them: all at the click of a button.

[View DMS User Screen Shots]

Special Admin Features

The administrator of the system is empowered with special management features apart from the regular user-features as described above. These include:

Group and user Management
Administrator has rights to:

» Add a new member
» Edit a member's details
» Delete a member
» Allocate memory to a member
» Allocate a home directory to a member
» Activate or deactivate a member's login ID

Message Board Management
Admin can edit or delete any message posted by anybody on the message board

Documents Management
As a super-user, administrator can supervise the usage of the system, and manage the documents in the whole workspace

With all these features incorporated into this powerful Document Management System, each user is given a Help link in his panel to guide him through just in case he finds difficulty using the functionalities.

Technologies used

Type I: LINUX Server Based Application

Server Side Scripting Language:   PHP
Database Tools:   MY-SQL
Operating System:   Linux Red Hat 7.1 & Apache 1.3

Type II: Microsoft Centric Technology for Windows Based servers

Server Side Scripting:  ASP, Ms-Active X technology
Database Tools:   MS-SQL Server 2000
Operating System:   Window 2000, IIS 5.0 & Com + services

[View DMS Admin Screen Shots]

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